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Happy Easter (2013) by kinga-saiyans

What a both lovely-and quite sexy-drawing you have here. The shading is absolutely wonderful, and just her in that damn! ...

request: ninetails pokemorph by ZinZoa
by ZinZoa

I have to say, just a wonderful piece of work in general. Ninetail's bod is fucking hot, and the background is just plain wonderful. Wh...



HeartEater by artisticwonder24
HeartEater this is a wild combination of how my exes fucked me over and a really fucked up dream I had once...and yes, going to improve on my drawing more. Mostly posted this because I haven't posted a drawing in a long while..yeepp..
Upside down Town by artisticwonder24
Upside down Town
Wanted to play around with my Adobe Photoshop Express app. It's pretty awesome :).
A random guy at the festival by artisticwonder24
A random guy at the festival
Yeah it was cool when he was trying to balance on this ball thing, but then he got off the ball when I took this picture. Still, awesome costume, thus I shall label this as a "cosplay picture". 
So it has come to my attention that it has been almost been a year since I have written a journal entry on here, so let me just update ya. I have a job at Goodwill as a Retail Associate (it's something, but essentially in my case it just means helping around the store, mostly processing media, but other things too like straightening the wares section), and recently been having some up and down creativity issues. It's like I have this wonderful, ADHD/Asperger's Syndrome mind, yet somehow there's some sort of blockage from releasing it all. And yes, I would love to release my amazing mind. And yes, I just announced I have ADHD and Asperger's, though may have mentioned this before....probably not..oh well. Now you know. So there. I tend to like realistic movies on the Asperger's issue like Mozart And the Whale, which is based on a true story. You see people, we Aspies are not all like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. We are not all hilarious, super-intelligent beings. In fact, some of us are not good at humor at all, but anyways, enough of that subject. Kinda sucks to be me really..all this wonderful creativity built into me, yet sucking at getting a meaningful relationship with someone. of these days though. One of these days. And going to end here before I accidentally turn this into a fucking novel. There.


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Mark Riley
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi! It's a-me, Markio! hoho! Well, I am definitely really good with sketch work, but you may see a few color drawings I did or something like that and I like to draw nude pictures as well occasionally so if you're not mature to view naked content, just go away now. Otherwise, I am a good-natured person who likes to draw and dabble in photography, so enjoy :).
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