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What a both lovely-and quite sexy-drawing you have here. The shading is absolutely wonderful, and just her in that damn! ...

by ZinZoa

I have to say, just a wonderful piece of work in general. Ninetail's bod is fucking hot, and the background is just plain wonderful. Wh...


Waterfall of ideas by artisticwonder24
Waterfall of ideas
So yeah this turned out to be a mix of a frog version of that new snapchat filter mixed with the most random doodles I have probably ever done. Enjoy!

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Twitter/Vine: MarkRiley20
IG: markstaman27
The darkness within me by artisticwonder24
The darkness within me
So most likely, I have drawn drawings like that, but I'll explain now. From the forehead is a mark on her forehead which marks anger. The sexy female body represents temptation. The pictures on her shorts represent my on and off internet addiction, but that's getting better. And the katanas represent my slightly violent side, which thankfully has never fully appeared and I always keep that in check by being easily distracted by other things, so yeah..
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Twitter/Vine: MarkRiley20
So, yeah, been a while since I've written here, and now I will update you on what has been happening with me personally. For years, and I am still struggling with this, I have had this problem with viewing internet pornography. Please help me and give your best wishes for me in stopping this awful habit. Sure, there's going to be those people who say "No, Mark, it's harmless, you'll be fine". That is probably the most bullshit statement ever uttered in the history of statements. It is that kind of thinking that gets you in trouble because you think it's okay, but really, it is slowly taking over you, yet at the same time, you're trying to take over it, and it becomes a constant struggle. I am on this journal of having a healthy mindset so I may have a wonderful, healthy relationship with an amazing woman one day. I am a supporter of the organization Fight The New Drug, an organization that's against the pornography industry and its website is full of information on how the pornography industry connects to supporting sex trafficking. Thank you..

Moving on from that, I am searching for a job. This is so because the current company I work for, Vizion Couture, is going through some financial difficulties and my own boss is going through some personal difficulties and my boss says I am still employed there, but it's going to be a few months before I have any work available for me there. So, now, in the meantime, I am in a search for employment. Also, speaking of money, I am up for commissions for an amount of $10 sent to my paypal account at the email That'll be most welcome, and the resulting drawing will either be in black and white or with the current colored pencil set I have currently. Small set sadly, for I am hoping to get more organized as an artist. I really want one of those wooden box sets with a multitude with colors..hell, definitely considering doing pastel. That sounds awesome..

Also, speaking of support, please support my Kickstarter campaign at:… . Thank you :). It's for my independent movie studio I'm trying to found and it would be wonderful to get some funding from you guys for it. So that's all, and thanks for reading :)


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Mark Riley
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi! It's a-me, Markio! hoho! Well, I am definitely really good with sketch work, but you may see a few color drawings I did or something like that and I like to draw nude pictures as well occasionally so if you're not mature to view naked content, just go away now. Otherwise, I am a good-natured person who likes to draw and dabble in photography, so enjoy :).
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